Organic Eggs

What does it mean to be organic? 

Exclusively Organic Diet

The diet of chickens laying organic eggs is comprised entirely of organic agricultural products, from their first day of life.  If prescribed in our nutritionist’s formula, they may receive vitamin or mineral supplements approved by the National Organic Standards Board, but only in amounts calculated to keep them healthy, not encourage unnatural growth.

No Hormones or Antibiotics

Our hens laying organic eggs, DO NOT receive growth hormones or antibiotics, as the USDA prohibits this. 

Better Healthcare

Nature Pure proudly works with Dr. Glyde Marsh, DVM.  He provides routine flock checks and evaluations.  We provide our chicks with the necessary vaccines to prevent illness and promote good, healthy hens. Dr. Marsh, along with our experienced Pullet and Production Managers, continuously monitor the birds for any sign of sickness or disease.  This vigilance and care allows us to quickly identify any potential problems and to promptly address any that arise.

Access to Outdoors

In 2010, the Access to Pasture Rule went into effect for all certified organic livestock. This rule made it illegal to confine an animal indoors except during medical treatment, shipping or to protect soil and water.  Our hens are provided access to safe and secure soil-based pastures, ensuring them plenty of space and freedom to engage in natural behaviors.