Why Biosecurity? 

To protect the animal welfare of the chickens!

What is Biosecurity?

Biosecurity is a method of protecting the birds by preventing the spread of viruses & disease to all avian species including chickens. 

Most avian viruses and diseases are transferred through direct contact. A human can carry the avian influenza virus if you have come in contact with wild waterfowl or bird droppings. Even healthy looking birds that do not show any symptoms can still spread the virus just as easily as the common cold. 

How is it implimented?

To protect the animals we use sanitary methods and procedures on our vehicles, barns and employees. Any gap in these procedures can compromise the whole biosecurity process. Therefore, it is important to follow biosecurity protocol to protect the animals.  

We have several application methods that we use including but not limited to foot-baths, vehicle tire spraying, truck washing, routine barn sanitation, clean daily clothing, clean shoes & hand sanitizers.